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Importance of women and women entrepreneurs education for new technologies: an analisys of policy documents

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A great number of texts and papers on women entrepreneurship, women education and entrepreneurial learning as well as various policy documents could be found on the internet. However, majority of public papers deals with information on gap in women entrepreneurship statistics. As an expert and practitioner in the field of information systems development (IS/IT), women entrepreneurship and SME financing author could allege that further efforts should be invested as well to progress in gender statistics in terms of economic valuation and impact of women entrepreneurship on social welfare, added value in the economies, structured business indicators or other gender economic analysis. As far as certain sub statistics on women in creative industries, innovations or business activities based on ICT and new technologies are in question, it could be stated that information are at early stage of development. In this paper very simple approach is used through analysis of policy documents to show importance of women and business women education for new technologies. Elected policy documents are (1) the Strategy of Women Entrepreneurship Development in the Republic of Croatia for the period of 2014-2020 (hereinafter: the Strategy) and (2) EU report “Women Active in the ICT Sector” (hereinafter: the EU Report). Intension of this paper is to accentuate importance of technical knowledge for which evidenced gap in education and skills of women is identified. A systemic overview referring to education in the content of the Strategy is used. Author through elected topics wants to accentuate importance of systemic approach toward entrepreneurial education of women, especially in the field of technical sciences and fields for which there is market demand pending for business success, competitiveness and starting their own innovative businesses. Paper also emphasise a few evidence on women entrepreneurship in Croatia, judgement and opinions of women entrepreneurs participated in focus groups in the period of development of the Strategy 2014-2020 and general information on the Strategy objectives. Abovementioned EU Report is presented by comparative presentation of priorities for action and policy recommendation for member states taking into consideration that Report stated “women participation in the ICT sector is essential for Europe’s long-term growth and economic sustainability”. Therefore in conclusion is cited paper in which authors (one is lecturer of Management, Organizational Behaviour and Personal Management in HAN University Arnhem, Netherlands) observes the perspective of education related to differences between male and female entrepreneurs in characteristics and competences.

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