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Kinesiology of Free Time

Ivan Prskalo ; Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb

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Contemporary living conditions impose the need for optimum responses. Hence, the purpose of Kinesiology as a science should be to serve the society, nation and civilisation. The issue of free time and its contents is one of the central issues set before a modern man. The prospect of its design can be found in education as the main precondition for creating a habit of active use of free time. Kinesiological activities, applied across all areas of applied kinesiology, are those of primary importance for free time. Having in mind the prospects of free time implies taking into account the demographic indicators according to which one may anticipate and secure the necessary material conditions for work, simultaneously considering a balanced development. Due to the long tradition of education of kinesiologists, as well as preschool and primary school teachers at the faculties of kinesiology and teacher education institutions, respectively, staff requirements can successfully respond to all future needs of this profession. Minimum number of compulsory physical education lessons has become a limiting factor, especially since time is an essential factor in the success of the transformation process, in the process of motor learning and creating exercise habits as essential educational tasks for the formation of the culture of free time. Creating conditions for the recognition of the kinesiology of free time also opens the path to  kinesiological prevention.

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education, exercise, free time, kinesiology, physical education

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