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Challenges in implementation of the subject of Media Literacy in the educational system in Montenegro

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Digital generation spend the majority of their free time consuming various types of media. For this reason, UNESCO warns of the need for media literacy of the youngest population with a view to protect them against media influence, as well as to acquire the habits of efficient use of the media, keeping in mind that the amount of time they spend watching TV or online is constantly increasing from year to year. And while some theoreticians believe that such view is too optimistic due to increasing expansion of media, the others claim that media literacy is giving results since the modern generations are becoming more aware of the manipulation techniques used by media.
In Montenegro, efforts have been made to achieve media literacy of the youth since 2007. The subject of Media Education was introduced to general high schools across Montenegro. Does this mean that Montenegro can boast about having media literate generations? We will try to determine the level of success of this programme through this paper.

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information and media literacy, digital generation, manipulation, media education

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