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Ecclesiastical Latin Hymnody in the First Three Books of Bunić's Epic „De vita et gestis Christi“

Ana Oreški ; Prva katolička osnovna škola u Gradu Zagrebu

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The paper deals with the influence of ecclesiastical poetry, or more specifically, church hymns, in Latin on the Renaissance epic “De vita et gestis Christi”, authored by Jakov Bunić (1469 - 1534), a poet from Dubrovnik. The research and analysis are directed at comparing the available hymn literature (which contains a great number of late ancient and medieval hymns in Latin) with the first three books of Bunić’s epic (which has sixteen books in total), in which the author adapts all four gospels in the ancient epic manner. The comparison of the hymns on the one hand with the epic on the other is attempting to determine if
there is an influence of hymns, and if so, to what extent it is present. Finally, the paper tries to determine how Bunić adapts the hymns (fragmentarily, integrally, by paraphrasing) and how he presents them in his epic (in form of text, phraseology or subject matter).

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Jakov Bunić, hymn, epic, biblical epic, hymnology, hymnody

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