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A Bosnian Kingdom Metalworking Tradition

Marian Wenzel

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The medieval Bosnian state derived considerable prosperity from the exploitation of silver mines, and its wealthier inhabitants are known to have enjoyed use of luxury silver drinking bowls. It is suggested that such bowls had. been manufactured for Bosnian usage in a recognizeable Bosnian Kingdom style, here analized for the first time. The style as described is not confined to drinking bowls, but can be traced in architecture, tombstone design and manuscript illustration. Whilst using design elements from Hungary, France, Italy, Byzantium and Islamic north Africa, Bosnian style combines them in a unique way. Some facets of this Bosnian style have been previously isolated as »Hercegovinian style« in studies of post-Ottoman metal work which, however, ignore their pre-conquest antecedants. In fact, it is here shown that certain basic design elements of Bosnian Kingdom metalworking style derive from highfashion European design of the time of Stjepan II Kotromanić . Once introduced to the Bosnian court, possibly on drinking bowls used to seal feudal contracts, such design elements became a permanent part of Bosnian design, distinguishing it from Serbian and Dalmatian styles. In listing prominent examples of Bosnian style silver bowls, the mis-dating of some of them has been put to right.

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