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Tourism and hospitality management, Vol.23 No.2 Studeni 2017.

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Accomodation classification system in Slovenia

Maja Uran Maravić ; Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica, University of Primorska, Portorož, Slovenia

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Uran Maravić, M. (2017). Accomodation classification system in Slovenia. Tourism and hospitality management, 23(2). doi:10.20867/thm.23.2.1

Purpose – Slovenian tourism stakeholders are faced with challenges on how best to implement changes to the existing AC system. There is currently a lack of empirical evidence for how tourism stakeholders across the spectrum understand AC systems and the changes they should undergo. This study fulfils that deficiency by investigating the opinions of key tourism stakeholders about the AC system in Slovenia and the changes needed.
Design/methodology – Opinions were gathered using an online survey that was sent to the web contact addresses of 1,475 accommodation providers and tourist organizations. The results are presented using statistical methods such as chi-square test and one-way ANOVA.
Findings – The results of the ANOVA test show no statistically significant differences in different respondent opinions on the current AC system. The survey revealed that the majority of Slovenian tourism stakeholders want the implementation of the harmonised European Hotelstars classification system but this was not the case for all the groups.
Originality of the research – This study is one of the few studies to investigate the opinion of tourism stakeholders on an AC system.

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accommodation classification system; Slovenia; tourism stakeholders; hotel industry; Hotelstars

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