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Preschool Teachers’ Opinions on the Use of Augmented Reality Application in Preschool Science Education

Fezile Ozdamli ; Near East University, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology
Damla Karagozlu ; Near East University, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology

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The media elements used in education continuously develop as a result of technological development, and virtual and augmented reality (AR) applications have consequently become much more significant. Augmented reality is a technology that combines virtual objects with the real world and provides simultaneous interaction between virtual objects and reality. This kind of technology lies between virtual reality (VR) and reality, where users are placed entirely in computer-generated virtual environments. This study aims to determine the opinions of preschool teachers on the use of augmented reality technologies in preschool science education. The data were obtained through interviews, which is a qualitative data collection method. This research is characterised by the fact that it is the first study to use the augmented reality technology for science education in the preschool period. According to the data obtained from the study, AR technology has positively influenced the learning and teaching processes in preschool education. Moreover, it has been concluded that this technology supports pupils in the use of technology and it also draws their attention to the lesson, while helping preschool teachers teach about different characteristics of objects.

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Augmented Reality; preschool; science education

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