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Clinical Hypnosis and Female Sexual Dysfunction: A Case Report

Andrej Starc ; Fakultet zdravstvenih znanosti, Katedra za javno zdravstvo, Sveučilište u Ljubljani, Slovenija

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Background: Female sexual function comprises variable and multi layered conditions that incorporate complex interactions of physiological, psychological, and interpersonal components. Despite the progress in understanding the neurobiology of sexual response, the definition of normal sexual response in women remains unresolved. Normal female sexual function differs from individual to individual and depends on the culture, ideology, beliefs, and other factors.

Methods: We used a case report, the purpose of which is to justify further investigation into the effectiveness of hypnosis for the treatment of cervical pain during penetration, as well as orgasm disorder.

Results: An orgasm was reached by masturbation performed on her by her partner, but without an orgasm by penile-vaginal penetration. The frequency of sexual intercourse has increased (3-4 times/week) in comparison to prior to therapy (once/ 2 months). Orgasm does not occur by self- and by partner masturbation every time, but sporadically; however, more frequently than before therapy. Success has been achieved with the orgasm by penile-vaginal penetration.

Conclusions: Hypnotherapy may be a promising co-intervention or intervention per se for both physical and psychological symptoms. The results of hypnotherapy demonstrate that symptoms were significantly alleviated and, consequently, the quality of life improved. Symptoms of pain during sexual intercourse were not eliminated, but the patient had achieved significant control over those symptoms.

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female sexual dysfunction; orgasm; sexual intercourse; pain

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