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Gender Differences in Musical Taste: The Mediating Role of Functions of Music

Snježana Dobrota orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet, Split
Ina Reić Ercegovac ; Filozofski fakultet, Split
Katarina Habe ; Muzička akademija, Ljubljana

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The aim of this research was to explore gender differences
in musical taste and the mediating role of functions of
music between gender and musical taste. The research
included 740 Croatian and Slovenian students. The results
confirmed the existence of gender differences in both
musical taste and functions of music. Females preferred
the Reflective-Complex musical style, while males showed
greater preferences towards Intense-Rebellious style
of music. There was no significant gender difference
in preferring Traditional and Contemporary Ethno or
Energetic and Rhythmic musical style. With regard to the
functions of music, there were no significant differences
between males and females in identity/culture and
background and focus/concentration functions of music.
Males assessed political attitudes as a more important
function of music than females, while females assessed all
other functions of music higher than males did. A complete
mediation effect of functions of music was established for
gender and Reflective-Complex and Slo-Yugo Pop musical

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dimensions of musical taste, functions of music, gender differences, musical preferences, musical styles

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