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Children of an Early Age: Preferences with Regard to Different Types of Motor Contents and Multimedia during Their Realisation

Lucija Kostadin
Vilko Petrić ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci
Sanja Minić ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

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The aim of the study is to determine whether children of an early age take equal part in all offered types of motor contents and various types of realisation accompanied by multimedia. The sample of examinees comprised 63 children who were on average 2.3 years old and who attended the regular integrated programme in Kindergarten Rijeka. The variables are formed by types of motor content which can be performed during kinesiological activities: biotic motor knowledge, kinesiological games, preparatory games, motor content accompanied by multimedia. The activities were recorded by a video camera; the observation method and the chi-square test were applied. Results show that there is a statistically significant difference in the children’s involvement regarding the types of motor contents and the application of multimedia. The highest involvement was present in the following contents: mastering obstacles, handling objects, individual kinesiological games, general preparatory exercises in place, while regarding the multimedia, during the realisation of motor contents children mostly preferred music. The lowest involvement was in the following contents: mastering resistance and team kinesiological games.
When planning kinesiological activities with children of an early age, it is necessary to respect their interest which will then increase motivation and efficacy in organised physical exercising.

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preferences, motor contents, kinesiological activities, early age, multimedia

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