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Interculturality as a Challenge for Accessibility?

Cédric Moreau orcid id ; INSHEA – UPL, France
Anne-Sophie Destrumelle ; Ministère de la Culture, Archives nationales, France
Mélissa Arneton ; INSHEA – UPL, France

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Understanding access to culture for deaf students first of all means understanding the diversity of schooling situations. It is important to question the transmission of knowledge with regard to bilingualism for these students because teaching is based on a conceptualization. There is a lack of empirical data, so we shall try to explore the gap between the needs of students and their teachers and the responses proposed by cultural institutions based on the French case. Two surveys are cross in a secondary analysis process. We want to compare the expectations of special teachers with the proposals of cultural institutions. The key questions and possible answers thus raised, allow for a better knowledge of the specific actions developed to welcome this type of public. First, we will describe the expectations of each of the professionals with regard to their training. We will present the main results that highlight the emergence of new interdisciplinary needs, and question the training of educators in the face of multiple communication difficulties. We will then discuss the answers provided by the Ocelles project based on a multilingual and multimodal collaborative website in Open data. This conceptualization tool, designed from a semiotic triangle, enables participants to construct interculturality in a synchronous and diachronic approach.

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culture; deaf; multilingualism; professional practices; interculturality

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