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A Few Reflexions on God, Philosophy, Theology, and Faith

Davor Pećnjak ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 61-72

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In trying to understand God and faith in a proper way, philosophy and theology could be very complementary. I would like to review and examine a few modern challenges and relationships between philosophy, theology and faith, seen also from important hints from history of these disciplines. I shall just take some points I consider as the most interesting. I would suggest that the most important relationship between philosophy and theology is threefold: pure philosophical works arguing for theistic conclusion; philosophical explications of existing theological matters, and there is philosophical theology – mixed philosophical and theological components densely intertwined in texts. I give some examples of problems of interest for both disciplines and what significance the solutions, in general, can have for practical faith.

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Catholicism; faith; God; philosophy; theology

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