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Application of statistical methods in Internet financial information analysis

Tatjana Dolinšek orcid id ; Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje, Slovenia

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In today's modern globalised world, we are faced with numerous data which form the basis for many crucial decisions. The ability to perform the analysis and interpret data correctly is, therefore, of essential importance in practically every field. The field of financial Information is one of such fields, especially the segment of information that is used by companies in corporate communication. This article is focused solely on the information that refers to the Internet financial reporting, which is important particularly for the external stakeholders. The research was made on the basis of the Internet Financial Reporting (IFR) Index for 27 Slovenian companies listed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. The article demonstrates the methodological approach to the creation of the IFR Index, which served as the new variable in the following steps of this research, for which various statistical analyses were performed (univariate, bivariate, and multivariate). Based on the descriptive statistics, the main characteristics of the IFR Index are identified, and, by using the t-test for two independent samples, it was found out that there is a difference among the companies listed in the two different listings. Moreover, through the use of the correlation analysis, the correlation between the IFR-C and the IFR-P variables was verified, and, in the end, through the use of the multiple regression analysis, it was discovered that the size of the company is the factor which influences the level of the IFR Index. The purpose of this article is to show the awareness of the alternative research methods, and to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate method for addressing particular research questions in the Internet Financial Reporting.

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correlation analysis; financial information; internet financial reporting; multiple regression analysis; t-test

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