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How to select a true leader? Introducing methods for measurement of implicit power motive

Nataša Trojak orcid id ; Visoko učilište Algebra, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Zvonimir Galić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Organizations mark the life of every individual, and the success and well-being of an individual largely depends on the success of organizations they belong to. The success of an organization is significantly influenced by those who are in charge of it, leaders or managers, so it is important for organizations to choose those who will do this job well. There is a large number of studies with the subject of successful leadership, and the dominant ones are those in which the traits of a successful leader are investigated. One of the traits identified as an important element of a leader’s success is the power motive. It consists of implicit and explicit dimensions, and the implicit dimension has been shown to be an important, and yet mostly overlooked, determinant of leadership performance. Measurement of the implicit dimension requires specially crafted instruments, including the “classic” Thematic Apperception Test, as well as recently introduced instruments such as the Implicit Association Test and the Conditional Reasoning Test for Power Motive. In this paper, we argue that introduction of the tests that assess implicit power motive to human resource management practice of business organizations might significantly improve selection procedures for leadership positions.

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power motive; implicit and explicit personality; Thematic Apperception Test; Implicit Association Test; Conditional Reasoning Test

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