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Why Binge-Watching? The Prominent Motives and Analysis of the Motivating Hedonic and Eudaimonic Elements of Emotional Gratification in a Binge-Watching Experience

Vesna Karuza Podgorelec orcid id ; Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku

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Binge-watching is a popular form of media consumption, and entertainment is one of the main drivers of this activity. This research aims to examine the prominent reasons for binge-watching by re-examining the established television viewing motives, by deepening the analysis of entertainment motives, and by introducing a new possible motive – the need for narrative understanding. Therefore, the researcher combines the factors of the established television viewing motives, the factors of hedonic and eudaimonic emotional gratification in an entertainment experience and introduces the motive of the ease of following storylines. The results of an online survey with 833 participants over the age of eighteen conducted in Croatia suggest that the motives of relaxation, fun (hedonic), habit, easier following of intricate storylines, escape, and thrill (hedonic) are prominent. Eudaimonic motives are less pronounced than hedonic ones, however, these clusters are positively related, which indicates the complexity of enjoyment in binge-watching entertainment.

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binge-watching; emotional gratification; media habits; motivation; audience studies

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