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Comparison of brown soil of different exposures in the area of the national park “Una” with special emphasis on the distribution of cadmium, nickel and arsenic

Fatima Muhamedagić ; University of Bihac, Biotehnical faculty, St. Luke Marjanovica bb, 77000 Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The paper presented results of a comparison of brown soils of different exposures at two different sites within the National Park „Una“. The sites were related to the southwestern exposure (SW) and the northeastern exposure (NE) of the same land use (orchard). The main objective of the research, in addition to the physical and chemical parameters of soil quality, was to determine the distribution of the total content of cadmium (Cd), nickel (Ni) and arsenic (As). The total content of these elements werw observed in composite samples at two depths of 0 – 10 and 0 – 20 cm and horizons profile. Their total content was measured by atomic adsorption spectrometry – AAS. The results were statistically analyzed using Kruskal - Walisovog test at the significance level of p ≤ 0.05 using correlation coefficient χ2. The results showed a single legality of the distribution of Cd, Ni and As in samples of soil profile, while the average soil samples showed unique legality of the distribution of observed elements.

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brown soil; distribution; cadmium; nickel; arsenic

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