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Generation Z and Consumption: How Communication Environment Shapes Youth Choices

Rasa Smaliukiene orcid id ; Tehničko sveučilište Vilnius Gediminas
Elena Kocai ; Tehničko sveučilište Vilnius Gediminas
Angele Tamuleviciute ; Tehničko sveučilište Vilnius Gediminas

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Using smart applications, members of Generation Z communicate in their networks on a wide‏ range of issues, which forms their social sensitivity and makes impact on their consumption. The article‏ focuses on Generation Z in Central and East Europe (CEE) where youth as a share of the total population is‏ the smallest in the world. This study investigates Generation Z in Lithuania, one of the CEE countries, and‏ presents the results of a large-scale survey of youth which analyses the expression of consumption and‏ its interconnection with characteristics formed by social media. There are three main characteristics that‏ explain consumption by Generation Z: cultural tolerance, social tolerance and tolerance to otherness on‏ the network. This threefold theoretical model was proved using the Structural Equation Model (SQM). On‏ the basis of this test we found out that social mindset is the strongest mediator between communication‏ environment and consumption by Generation Z. At the same time, communication environment‏ motivates for self-reward and hedonic consumption which does not compete and goes along with the‏ social mindset. We conclude that Gen Z is a new group in consumer society that is distinctive by its unique‏ characteristics.‏

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consumptions, youth, generation Z, communication, social mindset, structural equation model (SQM ) test

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