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Editorial message

Mladen Banović

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Dear readers,
I would like to start this message expressing my gratitude to our readers who are continuously supporting us. This support is particularly reflected in a recent survey on the best magazines in the transformers industry, conducted by Virginia Transformer Corp, where we have received a huge support with 73 % votes. This has really impressed us, although it is consistent with the support that you give us continuously subscribing to the magazine. We have over 90 % paid subscribers, despite the fact that you can read over 90 % of our content for free, and apparently this is very unique in the publishing business. We see this recognition as an obligation to continue on this course with even greater devotion and passion, and we are fully committed to the task.
Other milestones that we have reached at the same time: we have crossed the figure of 30,000 members in Transformers Forum, 36,000 members in HV Forum, and 75,000 followers on the social media. This is an unparalleled reach in the transformers industry.
This all comes just at the moment we plan to publish our new book titled “Transformer oil” by C.S. Narasimhan. We had a big team working on the manuscript, and I believe the book will be a great material to be used for years. It is perfect timing to present the book in this edition that features topics on liquid insulation.
You will also find a brief report on a comprehensive research that we have recently conducted, titled “Transformers Magazine’s Industry Navigator”, which will soon be published.
There is also plenty of other high-quality materials in this edition: 3 interviews (Stefan Klaassen, Jan Prins and Joško Papić), 4 columns (by UTRA, V. Gurin, P. Ramachandran and M. Grisaru), 4 technical articles (by Dr. B. P. Das, M. Stenner, F. Feustel, M. Bianchetti and K. K. Murty) 5 advertorials and one post-event report. You will find an abundance of useful information in this issue that I hope that you will enjoy reading.

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