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Transformer oil sampling - a dirty and dangerous mission

Marius Grisaru

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In the last column, the importance of sampling was emphasized, elaborating on the sampling frequencies, transformer size and the right timing. In this one, we will evaluate oil sampling for all transformer types as the most critical stage of DGA, the most dangerous for the transformer as well as for the staff. The sampling stage may revoke the statement that the DGA test as also
other oil tests as non-invasive tests with online devices are not spared from risks to transformer operation, even more than offline. This column will present some of the unpleasant consequences
of transformer sampling issue oil issues. Sampling transformer oil is also the most expensive stage of the whole DGA process.
Selecting the vessel for DGA and oil sampling cannot be an unconditional choice, and for this selection, many factors need to consider as transformer type, size, breathing mode, laboratory and tests device extraction and methods, sample team experience skills and capability, transport and delivery for sampling and even season and weather. When many factors are considered, the sampling will be more properly performed, representative, and the DGA diagnostics will be more comprehensive.

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DGA, diagnostics, oil sampling

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