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The effects of short-term hypoxia on upper body isometric strength and reaction time

Girgis Kalim Assaf ; Antonine University, Baabda
Jovan Kuzmanović ; Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad
Vojko Vučković ; Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana
Lana Ružić ; Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb

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Since the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, hypoxic training became popular, especially among long-distance runners. In the many years since, studies have shown that many types of hypoxic training can not only improve aerobic capacity and performance, but also have the potential for other positive adaptations such as hypertrophy, metabolism, and many others. Most studies dealt with a long-term training program under hypoxic conditions, and there is a lack of studies on acute hypoxia effects. This study aims to investigate the effects of short-term normobaric hypoxia (2800m; FiO2: 14.5%) on upper body isometric strength and reaction time in male volunteers. Twelve healthy male volunteers (mean age 34.72 ± 7.43 years) participated in the study. Over 48 hours, they underwent normobaric hypoxia and sleep at least two times per 12 hours. The protocol included motor tests in three phases: 48 hours before departure, the morning of departure, and immediately after the hypoxic stay. The four motor tests were measured in the morning (always at the same time): Isometric Forearm Flexion,) Handgrip Strength of the dominant hand, Ruler Drop Test and Flamingo balance test. The results showed a significantly lower score for isometric forearm flexion (p = 0,039) while handgrip strength the Handgrip Strength, and ruler drop test show no significant changes (p = 0,223; p = 0,143). The balance test proved to be too easy. Based on the results, we can conclude that short-term hypoxia might negatively affect isometric strength of the forearm flexors immediately after the exposure.

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hypoxia, normobaric hypoxia, strength, reaction time

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