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Transformations, Decline, and (Imagined) Futures of Gojlo and Kutina

Tihana Rubić ; Odsjek za etnologiju i kulturnu antropologiju Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The paper presents and examines two localities – Gojlo and Kutina in Croatia – and their spatial, temporal, material, and social transformations throughout the twentieth century to the present. The two localities are linked geographically and by a “shared fate” – as planned cities/settlements for industrial purposes and the extraction of natural resources. After the depletion of resources, the crisis of raw materials, and the transformations of political and economic systems, these localities both experienced spatial and social stagnation and
degradation. Gojlo suffered decay, and Kutina has experienced partial deindustrialization. The research questions focus on the dynamic relationship between space/place, time, and top-down urban planning. Critical analysis invokes, and relies on, the concepts and research fields of the (post)industrial city, industrial monoculture, placemaking, anthropology of the future, multiple temporalities, and an anthropology of optimism.

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Kutina; Gojlo; ethnography; futures; planned cities/settlements

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