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The genus Astrantia L. in Turkey: morphology and anatomy

A. Kaya

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The genus Astrantia L. is a perennial plant which belongs to the Umbelliferae family and is represented by only A. maxima Pallas which has two subspecies (subsp. maxima and subsp. haradjianii (Grintz.) Rech. fil.) in Turkey. Subsp. haradjianii is endemic and very
common. In this study, Astrantia specimens were collected from different localities and investigated for morphological and anatomical differences. The morphological features of various organs of the plant are described in detail. According to our morphological results,
subsp. maxima is bigger than subsp. haradjianii. Bracteoles are large, coloured, surface shapes and length of bracteoles are significant diagnostic characters to separate the subspecies. Inflorescence is simple umbel and fruit oblong-cylindrical. In anatomical studies, the transverse section of the stem and leaf were examined. The stem is almost round, ribbed and the arrangement of vascular bundles has diagnostic value. The number of bundles and rays are different in the subspecies. Leaf is bifacial.

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Umbelliferae, Astrantia maxima, morphology, anatomy

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