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Effect of Bogie Track and Slash Reinforcement on Sinkage and Soil Compaction in Soft Terrains

Yuri Gerasimov ; Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Research Centre, Yliopistokatu 6, FIN–80101 Joensuu, FINLAND
Vasily Katarov ; Petrozavodsk State University, Forest Engineering Faculty, A. Nevsky av. 58, 185030 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, RUSSIA

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A study of the effect of bogie wheel track and slash reinforcement on the sinkage (as rut depth) and soil compaction (as bulk density) of silt loam soil was carried out in spring and autumn at two harvesting sites in Russia. A Ponsse ELK forwarder loaded with 16 m3 of timber, fitted and unfitted with bogie tracks, was repeatedly driven on forest soil for 1–10 passes. The degree of sinkage and soil compaction was measured at two soil moisture contents: moist (W = 80%) and wet (W = 93%) after each pass. A John Deere 1410 forwarder loaded with 16 m3 of timber, and fitted and unfitted with bogie tracks, was driven on forest soil covering a 15 kg/m2 slash layer for 1–10 passes. The degree of soil compaction was measured at moist soil (moisture content W = 88%). The results indicated that on forest silt loam soil the bogie track decreases sinkage in comparison with a conventional wheel with a tire: the maximum rut depths reached were 0.48 m vs. 0.71 m (–0.23 m) on wet and 0.22 m vs. 0.40 m (–0.18 m) on moist soils by the 10th pass (160 m3 of extracted timber), respectively. The track influence on soil compaction varied and was mixed. Bulk density increased up to 1.30 g/cm3 vs. 1.24 g/ cm3 (+0.06 g/cm3) on moist soil and it was almost the same on wet soil by the 10th pass, respectively. The slash reinforcement constrained rut-forming and soil compaction after all forwarder passes. Cubic regressions between average rut depth and bulk density and cumulative volume of extracted timber were derived for forest silt loam soil with different moisture contents. Bogie track and particularly slash reinforcement are necessary for environmentally sensitive wood harvesting by the CTL system on soft soils.

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CTL; forwarder; rut depth; bulk density; slash; bogie track; Russia

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