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JAHR : Europski časopis za bioetiku, Vol.2 No.4 Listopad 2011.

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Kant’s categorical imperative and Jahr’s bioethical imperative

Igor Eterović   ORCID icon ; Katedra za društvene i humanističke znanosti Medicinskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Eterović, I. (2011). Kant’s categorical imperative and Jahr’s bioethical imperative. JAHR : Europski časopis za bioetiku, 2(4), 457-474. Preuzeto s

Immanuel Kant and Fritz Jahr have a similar cultural background, despite the almost two century’s gap between their lifetimes. They were both raised in protestant tradition and lived their whole lives in towns with rich cultural heritage of the Prussian Kingdom.
In the light of these contextual circumstances, Jahr’s inspiration by Kant is not so surprising. Jahr quotes Kant, but – what is more important – he takes terminology of Kant’s practical philosophy in formulation of his own views. The most striking example is Jahr’s formulation of his Bioethical Imperative which directly echoes Kant’s (ethical) categorical imperative. Those two imperatives are compared and some points about possible challenges and perspectives which Jahr’s views pose to Kant’s thought have been given.

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categorical imperative; Immanuel Kant; Bioethical Imperative; Fritz Jahr

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