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Fundamental Questions about Nothing

Elvis Imafidon orcid id ; Catholic Major Seminary of all Saints, Department of Philosophy, Uhiele-Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria

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The paper attempts a philosophical critique of the insignificance and absurdity usually associated with the concept of Nothing or Nothingness in everyday and scholarly discourse by paying attention to some fundamental questions about Nothing. Drawing on the rich tradition of Western and Eastern ideas and philosophies, the paper shows that the concept of Nothing is worth paying attention to, at least for the reason that it is futile not to do so. The futility of downplaying Nothingness is amply buttressed by drawing on the rich philosophical (and scientific) traditions of the West which though, permeated with attempts to derogate Nothingness as nonsensical, turns out to be a rich source of affirmation of the importance of the concept of nothingness in the history of ideas in general and philosophy in particular. The aim is plainly to show that the concept of nothingness is one deserving every possible attention in philosophical and social discourse.

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nothing; being; void; emptiness; metaphysics; science

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