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Length-weight relationships for 47 fish species from Izmir Bay (eastern Aegean Sea, Turkey)


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Length-weight relationships were calculated for 47 fish species from the Izmir Bay in the Aegean Sea, Turkey. A total of 13243 fish specimens were sampled with several fishing gears in 1998-2001. The sample size ranged from 11 individuals for Nerophis ophidion to 1197 for Boops boops. The r2 values ranged from 0.82 for Nerophis ophidion to 0.99 for Scorpaena scrofa, and all regressions were highly significant (p<0.001). Values of the exponent b in the length-weight regression (W = aLb) ranged 1.970-3.727. The median was 3.042 and over 50% of the values were within 2.937- 3.186. Information from the present survey may be used for fisheries management or other practical purposes.

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Length-weight relationship, Aegean Sea, Izmir Bay

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