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Geomorphological Features of the Baške Oštarije Karst Polje

Dražen Perica
Andrija Bognar
Sanja Lozić

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str. 23-34

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The Baške Oštarije karst polje is stretching out at the direction E - W at lenght of 3,75 km, while the width is varying from 0,25 to 2,0 km. It divides central from the south part of the Velebit mountain and it is formed at the contact of two orographic wholes. Besides karst and fluvio-karst processes, the derasion and periglacial processes have been most expressed at the relief formation. The water which flows down from edge parts of polje has great importance in relief formation because of its corrosional aggressivity.

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Baške Oštarije karst polje; Velebit mountain; karst; fluvio-karst; derasion and periglacial processes and relief forms

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