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Hrvoje Paić ; Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften, Universität Wien, Wien, Austrija

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The analysis is focused on punctual examination of the analytical potential
of theory as regards the empirical sphere. For this purpose, the author opted
for theoretical theses regarding the internationalization of capitalism and the
case of Croatia. Unlike the usual scientific practice, in which the theoretical
framework is perceived as a pre-formalised and static element of the research
design, it is postulated in this paper that a different understanding of the theoretical
perspective is possible and analytically useful. Such an understanding
is based on dynamisation, flexibilisation and opening up of the theoretical
horizon with a view of reflecting the particularities of the empirical sphere.
Here the potential of theoretical insights is examined simultaneously with the
conducting of empirical analysis. In this approach, which partly relies on the
Grounded Theory and symbolic interactionism, the reexamination of the potential
of theory is not limited to the research design stage. No, it is perceived
as a process the course of which is intense even while the empirical analysis is
conducted. Accordingly, it is assumed that the usual way does not make possible
a sufficient reflection of the particular traits and surprises in the empirical
field, for the following reasons: a) the character of the theoretical theses determined
in advance is too general, and/or b) the theses are extrapolated from socially
and historically different, or, at best, somewhat similar empirical cases.
Furthermore, every pre-determined theoretical focusing simultaneously implies
a reduction of perspective which should be avoided through recognition
of empirical circumstances. In addition to putting forward a methodology of
examination, the demonstrated approach to examining the potential of theoretical
theses is oriented toward identification of the possibilities and limits of
the chosen theoretical apparatus. The examination of possibilities and limits is
understood as the basis of theoretisation, with the aim of generating theoretical
fragments of concepts which would be able to reflect the peculiar and new
empirical circumstances.

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analytical potential of theory; inernationalisation of capitalism; Croatia; center; periphery; semi-periphery; Nicos Poulantzas; methodology of examination of theory

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