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Anamarija Džidić ; Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova
Ivanka Čizmić ; Sekcija uposlenih u laboratorijima za ispitivanje kakvoće sjemena

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In accordance with EU legislation, and article 2 of The Act of Alterations and
Amendments on the Act on protection of plant varieties in Republic Croatia (OG
124/11.) on the farm farmer’s seed can be sawn. Farm saved seed is seed of known
protected variety of inbred plant species produced on a small farm and farmer can saw it
only on its own plot. Farm saved seed in some of the EU member states, as well as
certified seed, must be laboratory tested to check quality and full fill the same standards.
Farm saved seed sowing is permitted under regulated requirements under which
agricultural producers (farmers) are obliged to pay a royalty collection to the breeders.
Exceptions from the farm saved seed payment requirements are small farms or small
agricultural producers in the majority of the member states.
In Croatian legislation in force, there is no provision on health requirements on
farm saved seed. Farmer saved seed is not grain for consumption or natural seeds not
processed and due to farm seed utilisation, crop and soil can be contaminated with
diseases and weeds which lead to further problems in the agricultural production.
Comparison with the solutions and problems on farm saved seeds in some EU
countries as well as in Croatia are presented.

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farmers seeds, EU legislation, Croatian legislation regarding seeds

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