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Quality of Life Programme – Food, Nuntrition, and Health – Projects Promotion

Achim Boenke

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The EC Quality of Life Programme (QoL), Key Action 1 – Food, Nutrition & Health aims at providing a healthy, safe, and high-quality food supply leading to reinforced consumer’s confidence in the safety of the European food. Key Action 1 is currently supporting several European projects investigating analytical methods for food control including sensors, risk analysis, and food safety standardisation. Their objectives range from the development and validation of prevention strategies for mycotoxin formation via the development of a communication platform for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), validation and standardisation of diagnostic Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for food-borne pathogens, up to the evaluation of the potential cancer-preventing activity of pro-and prebiotic (»SYNBIOTIC«) combinations in human volunteers. This paper also informs on future research needs in food safety.

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analytical methods, European Research, food safety, legislation, quality management, risk analysis, standardisation

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