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Physicochemical, hygienic and organoleptic characterization of Slavonian kulen

Danijel Karolyi orcid id ; Agronomski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zgrebu, Zavod za opće stočarstvo, Svetošimunska cesta 25, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Slavonian kulen (SK) is traditional dry sausage produced in the region of Slavonia in eastern Croatia. It is made from mince of pork, back fat, spices and salt filled into pork cecum. After stuffing, the sausages are cold-smoked and ripened-dried afterward for several months. Present work aimed to analyse some physicochemical and organoleptic traits of ripe SK as well as the safety of final product. The SK samples (n=12) from different small-scale manufactures were analysed. The following physicochemical attributes (mean ± s.d.) were recorded: moisture 38.2%±3.6, protein 35.0%±3.1, fat 23.7%±4.6, moisture/protein ratio 1.1±0.1, pH value 5.37±0.23 and water activity (aw) 0.82±0.02. Mean organoleptic scores, on five-point scale, were 3.7±0.6 for surface appearance, 3.4±0.6 for surface smell, 3.8±0.5 for consistency, 3.2±0.4 for inner smell, 3.0±0.7 for cross section quality, 3.3±0.5 for texture, 3.1±0.4 for taste and aroma, 3.0±0.5 for after taste and 3.2±0.4 for overall quality. Regarding the product safety, the following results (per kg) were determined: histamine 330.8 mg±126.3, tyramine 233.9 mg±124.7, nitrite 6.55 mg±3.88 and benzo(a)pyrene 0.05 μg±0.03. Salmonella spp. and L. monocytogenes have not been found in any sample while counts of S. aureus, enterobacteria and sulfite-reducing clostridia were in accordance with regulations.

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dry sausages, Slavonian kulen, physicochemical traits, safety

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