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Contamination of Food and Agro Products in the Republic of Macedonia

Vladimir Kendrovski
Elisaveta Stikova
Lence Kolevska

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str. 69-73

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The Republic of Macedonia has 662,000 ha of cultivated land with well-organised agricultural production. It is a well known producer of agricultural products. From 1991 to 1999, authorised laboratories conducted systematic control of about 6,500 food samples in 1991 to 36,000 by 1999 which included a whole range of hygienic quality parameters including microbiological and chemical. Microbiological contamination of food was reported to have caused disease outbreaks in 1,578 people in 1995, which dropped to 126 people in 1999. The decreasing trend of samples unfit for human consumption was observed for all food groups. As for the chemical parameters, an increasing trend of contaminated samples was noted only for additives, with peaks reaching 6.9% in 1998 and 4.9% in 1999 of the total number of analysed samples.

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chemical parameters, food contamination, microbiological parameters

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