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A Displaced Noble Family during the Ottoman Threat: the Example of the Berislavići (Second Part – Stephen Berislavić’s Heirs during the Sixteenth Century)

Ivan Jurković

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The narration of the sixteenth-century history of the family of the Berislavići of Vrhrika in their new setting of Mala Mlaka of Turopolje starts with the death of Stephen, the first displaced member of that family, in 1510. In spite of the fact that Stephen’s heirs fully acclimatised to their Turopolje environment and that their ancestral estates were definitely lost by the Ottoman conquest of Vrhrika in 1513, they still preserved the consciousness of their origin up to the fourth generation. Based on the example of that family, the article gives a sociological and historical analysis of the problem of displacement of Croatian lesser and middle nobility caused by the bellicose Ottoman military threat. By the employment of different strategies (entering military and administrative services to the magnates and authorities; creation of a network of relationships of marriage, adoption, kinship, friendship and business, particularly among the aristocratic and ecclesiastical circles; acquisition of landed estates by purchase, mortgage, lease and/or inheritance), the Berislavići succeeded in establishing for themselves a system of domestication defined by modern sociology as the most human and the only acceptable way of integrating into the new surroundings – integration.

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Croatia, the Early Modern Period, Ottoman Empire, refugees, nobility

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