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Types of Slavic standard languages: Corpus-linguistic descriptions of Russian and Croatian

Ivana Barkijević ; Sveučilište Justus Liebig u Giessenu, Njemačka
Daniel Mueller ; Sveučilište Justus Liebig u Giessenu, Njemačka

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The article is a contribution to comparative standardology in Slavic studies. The aim of the investigation is to determine a set of features suitable for comparative analyses regarding the tendency of internationalization by taking Russian and Croatian languages as examples. The analysis differentiates between the standard languages creator's perspective (i.e., language planning) and the user's perspective (i.e., language use in language corpora). It offers a short review of attitudes towards anglicisms from Russian and Croatian linguists based on their scholarly papers, and from language users of both languages based on their statements on internet forums and blogs and compares them. On the basis of frequency of anglicisms and their domestic equivalents, including calques, the similarities and differences between proclaimed attitudes towards internationalization are analyzed in both linguistic communities and conclusions are drawn regarding Russian and Croatian as types of standard languages. Both language communities discuss anglicisms both in scholarly articles and on the internet, with no big differences between linguists and internet users. However, expressed attitudes towards anglicisms in Russian seem to be more liberal when dictionaries are concerned than in Croatian. Croatian community, which is typical for a small language community, seems to be more concerned about anglicisms.

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comparative standardology, Anglicism, Russian, Croatian

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