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Estimate emotional development preschool child and parent personality

Davor Mikas ; Dječji vrtić "Cvrčak", Solin, Hrvatska

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We can get many relevant information about the development of a child from his parents. In this article we have researched the influence of differrent aspects of parents' personalities on the character of evaluation in the development of a child. We have compared parents' personalities of those children who need professional help with parents' personalities of children who don't need professional help. The sample used in the survey comprised 150 parents of pre-school children from the nursery schools “Cvrčak” in Solin and “Grigor Vitez” in Split. For the purpose of the study we have used two questionnaires: Emotions Profile Index / PIE (R. Plutchik, R., Kellerman H.), and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire – Adult / EPQ (Eysenck H. J., Eysenck Sybil B.) There is no difference in the greatest part of variables PIE among parents of the researched groups. The difference related to the parents' genders that has been noticed refers to variables of uncontrollabillity and deprivation. The obtained results on EPQ show that parents of those children who need professional help have had higher results on the P scale in average. On the N scale mothers have had noticeably higher results in average than fathers.

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PIE, EPQ, parent's personality, emotionals problems, behaviour problems, agreement among assessors, preschool child

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