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Satisfaction and happiness of teachers

Sanja Mihaliček ; Osnovna škola Jurja Habdelića, Velika Gorica

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People are gradually educated about what to expect from job through different social factors like home, school, community, media, as well as teachers. During the last few years it has been noticed that teachers throughout Croatia are abandoning their profession, so that’s the reason the question – what makes teachers happy – is very interesting. The role of teachers in the society is relevant. Modern school requires from modern teacher to realize a wide
range of tasks. However, in order to be able to accomplish numerous complex tasks teachers have to be qualified and adequately stimulated. We spend a lot of time at the workplace, so it is very important how we feel there. Job satisfaction is directly connected with life satisfaction. The best predictors of life satisfaction are meaningful and engaged life. If we are satisfied with our job we are more creative, we have better relations with our associates, we make better decisions and are better at solving our problems. That is why it
is very important to know how job satisfaction of teachers could be increased. If a person is able to find in his job something that contributes to the benefit of other people –his job satisfaction and generally life satisfaction will increase. Positive psychology can help in three areas: job approach based on human forces, positive psychological fund and positive leadership. Some of the most important factors that influence teacher’s job satisfaction are the
level of his enthusiasm and dedication to work. Positive work atmosphere, creativity in work, applying modern strategies in teaching, humour in education and practicing critical thinking contribute to the quality of education and benefit and happiness of teachers. In this paper other factors that contribute to psychological benefit of teachers and make them happy and satisfied are also discussed.

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teachers, job and life satisfaction, happiness

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