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Modem society as »technical society« - Social and historical prelude to the development of non-human forms of life

Krunoslav Nikodem

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The basic thesis of this article is that the post-modern society is characterised, among other things, by the development of non-human forms of intelligent life. Meant here are first of ali the notions of kiborg, artificial intelligence as well as genetic engineering and biotechnology. These non-human forms arise from cybernetic ideas of man and the world in general as well as the development of computer technology and biogenetics. The article gives a short review of the social and historical background of such concepts. Modem society is analysed as essentially »technical society«, primarily due to the emphasis laid on rationality and rationalism, as well as the prevailing technico-scientific dimension in terms of growing dependence of life on technology. A way out of such a state of affairs, as suggested by the post-modern techno-scientific system, is the creation of virtual worlds and the development of a techno-sociality, which implies that it is just technology that makes us human. The author does not agree with the viewpoint that nothing but the techno-scientific system should be a basis of human life, of our sociability and humaneness.

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