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About clericalism and anticlericalism today

Željko Mardešić

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It is very difficult to define clericalism in a universally acceptable way. Its manifestations greatly differ over history and from setting to setting. In the past, three forms of clericalism were present. First, the economic clericalism which stems from the feudal system and the enormous wealth of the clergy. The second, political, is related to the great political power of the clergy. The third form can be characterised as cultural. Anticlericalism, on the other hand, was a typical phenomenon of liberal ideas and the cultural heritage of the Enlightenment. All the three mentioned forms of clericalism were strongly felt in the Croatian society for a long time. The cultural clericalism was particularly devastating in Croatia: it alienated the cultural and intellectual circles from the Church more than in any other country. The Second Vatican Council put an end to any clericalism. Young Catholic historians, sociologists, and theologians are invited to reveal the whole truth about it in the past and today.

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