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Complementarity of professional and certain (specific) competencies of the blind persons

Andrea Fajdetić ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Professional rehabilitation is defined by different activities of professional rehabilitation of the professional orientation, employment and adaptation to new work place. The main goal and idea of professional rehabilitation of blind persons should be integration in real work environment. Not only activities of vocational orientation, training or supported adaptation to new work place help reaching integration in real work environment. Specific rehabilitation activities such as O&M (Orientation and Mobility), should be realized as well because they are important part of the support to blind person. These skills, among many other, help inclusion into society and realization of all social functions that person wants to have. This review started with assumption that professional rehabilitation of blind persons and gaining specific skills in the area of orientation and mobility are equally important and key factors for successful employment. To support and argument the core idea of this paper, the review of contemporary theoretical and empirical data had been conducted.

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blind persons; professional rehabilitation; orientation and mobility

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