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Indications of Climate Regime shifts in the Middle Adriatic Sea

Frano MATIĆ orcid id ; Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo, Split, Hrvatska
Branka GRBEC ; Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo, Split, Hrvatska
Mira MOROVIĆ ; Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo, Split, Hrvatska

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Applying sequential t-test analysis for regime shift detection on 52 years (period 1963-2004) of continuous summer thermohaline data at the three ocean stations in the Adriatic Sea, the two shifts in sea temperature were evidenced, around 1987 and 1998. These shifts separated three climate regimes, where the first climate regime is rather similar to the third one. The first climate regime (1963-1986) is characterized by moderate temperatures and rather high salinities. The first shift occurred in 1987, triggering the second climate regime, influenced by East Mediterranean Transient (EMT). The temperature and salinity in the Adriatic in the second climate regime were lower for one standard deviation than in the previous regime. In the third regime, after second shift the temperatures and salinities abruptly increased. All these conditions were influenced by changes in wind field pattern over the Mediterranean.

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Adriatic Sea, climate change, regime shift, thermohaline conditions, EMT

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