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Improved approximate calculation of backup supply profitability in mv power distribution planning

Željko Rajić ; Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency
Vjekoslav Filipović ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Engineering and Computing

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In medium voltage optimal power distribution network routing, especially  in suburban and rural networks, it is often necessary to estimate additional construction costs of tie feeders which should enable backup supply and reduce the cost of energy not supplied. This article describes a fast aproximation method for this purpose. It is presumed that any number of manually or remotely controlled load-breaking disconnectors and circuit breakers can be simultaneously installed in the network, what is an extension given to the already developed similar method that did not include the possibility of installation of circuit breakers into the network.  Within this article there delivered the accurate and approximate expressions for energy not supplied calculation of a meduim voltage feeder in situations without and with backup supply. A difference in comparison of the optimal total costs, consisting of energy not supplied and switching devices costs, with the tie feeder construction and maintenance expenses during the  planning period is used as the criterion of tie feeder construction. The application of the method is shown on an example of 10 kV feeder.

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power distribution planning, MV feeder, energy not supplied, switching devices, approximation method, optimization

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