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Benefits and limitations of e-learning in cancer prevention

Đorđe Nadrljanski
Mirjan Nadrljanski
Mila Roguljić

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Based on the data of the IARC, throughout the world app. 1 115 000 new breast cancer cases are registrated. In Europe breast cancer is the most common cancer in female population (app. 350 000 new cases and 130 000 deaths each year). The permanent education of all healthcare providers in breast cancer prevention remains an important issue in a breast cancer prevention. There are numerious aspects of distance learning in breast cancer prevention: from basic lectures concerning cancer to postgraduate studies in medical oncology, including different models of distance learning and e-learning. In this paper we focused on Web Based Training (WBT) and open platforms for e-learning in this field of education. Apart from the education of the healthcare providers involved in breast cancer prevention, we also focused on different solutions applied in e-learning for the education of healthy female population in different age groups. Few countries in the Balkans have policies for early detection of breast cancer. The development of policies for breast cancer prevention should be regarded as a high priority issue.

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distance learning, e-learning, web based training, breast cancer, screening

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