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Gordana Ivković ; Sveučilište u Zadru
Ivan Žderić ; VSPU Baltazar Adam Krčelić, Zaprešić
Katarina Knjaz ; Petrand, doo, Zagreb

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The aim of this study was to determine the health
habits of Croatian female basketball players considering
the ranking of the competition. The study included 153
female basketball players of which79 are competing in the
first and 74 in the second Croatian League. To gain the
insight into the nutrition habits, habits of smoking and
alcohol consumption were used questionnaires based on
Croatian and international studies. Height and body mass
were measured among morphological characteristics and
the value of body mass index (BMI) was calculated. The
first basketball league players are in the average age of
21.9 years, with an average height of 179.14cm, weight of
70.68 pounds and average BMI of 21.99. There were
17.72% smokers among the players of the first female
basketball league and 14.86% among the players of the
second basketball league. Most of them smoked "light"
cigarettes, less than 5 per day or 5 to10 cigarettes per day.
On the other hand, about 37% of female first-league
players and about 44% of the other basketball league had
no habit of drinking alcoholic beverages. The first
division basketball player consume alcohol mainly one to
two times a week and drink beer, spirits and wine while a
small part of them drink three to five times a week. None
of them drink alcohol daily. The second division female
players usually consume spirits 1-2 times a week and to a
lesser extent beer and wine. Smoking and alcohol
consumption is positively related, it is more frequent in
the first division basketball player and older basketball
players. Female basketball players smoke less than
average Croatian female population, but what concerns is
that they drink more than their peers. Therefore it is
necessary to pay particular attention to the very early
education of basketball players about the risks of tobacco
and alcohol.

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women's basketball, health habits, smoking, alcohol

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