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Heat Production Simulation and Heat-force Couple Analysis of FSW Pin

Chunxia Xue ; North university of China
Xiujuan Ren ; North university of China
Qiang Zhang ; North university of China

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str. 85-91

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Heat production of friction stir welding (FSW) is afundamental phenomenon that affects the welding quality. Early studies havebeen focused on investigating and understanding the heat production andtemperature distribution of the welding plate. However, very few studies havebeen done to analyze the stress of the welding pin with reference to heat-forcecoupling, which is of great significance for the welding pin design. Therefore,this paper sets out to analyze the heat-force coupling effect of the weldingpin. Firstly, considering the variation of heat conduction coefficient atdifferent temperatures, the temperature distribution of both aluminum alloy2A12 and copper plate were calculated for the FSW process. The temperaturedistribution results are then used to analyze the heat-force coupling of FSWpin referring to the cross force and axial pressure on the welding pin. Thecross force and axial pressure are determined by the softened base metal whichhas different mechanical properties at different temperatures. The results showthat the peak value of stress is at the boundary between the shoulder and pin.The pin is liable to break at peak stress, and hence more attention should bepaid to welding tool design.

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friction stir welding; simulation; temperature field; heat-force couple; welding pin

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