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The Analysis of Connection Between Child’s Musical Improvisations and Expression in Visual-Art Terms

Ksenija Burić ; Schola Musica, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Branko Nikolić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Edukacijsko rehabilitacijski fakultet, Katedra za rehabilitaciju, informatiku, statistiku i tehnologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Miroslav Prstačić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Edukacijsko rehabilitacijski fakultet, Odsjek za studij motoričkih poremećaja, kroničnih bolesti i Art terapija, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The perception of music and musical improvisation can be used in education, diagnostics and therapy. The goal of this research was to conduct a study of how selective musical stimulations affect the child’s psychomotor, psychoemotional, symbolic expression and self-realization. The research was carried out with five subjects who participated in Orff music therapy treatment. The research consisted of six evaluation points per each subject. Movements I - musical model A and IV - musical model B from L. van Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony served as musical models. 28 variables were observed. The results show a statistically significant difference between two musical models; model A and model B for color selection. Statistically significant results were obtained for the following colors: yellow (p = 0,012), light green (p = 0,024), cobalt blue (p = 0,027), brown (p = 0,049) and gray (p = 0,044). Although there was no statistically significant difference in improvisation the results of the research show that children were choosing different instruments, using different tempo and dynamics to greatly differ two musical models. Conducted research show that there is a need to further develop and test the application of methods of creative therapy in children’s education, rehabilitation and therapy.

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Orff music therapy; improvisation; colour; movements I and IV from Pastoral Symphony

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