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Is Mljet – Melita in Dalmatia the Island of St. Paul’s Shipwreck?

Marija BUZOV orcid id ; Institute of archaeology Gajeva 32 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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Gnaeus Pompeius’ expression Navigare necesse est, as well as mare nostrum, were created out of a simple necessity.
The Romans became seafarers out of necessity, not because they had any inclination to become so, because through
gradual spread of their authority and power to the Mediterranean coasts they were forced to learn the shipbuilding
technique and seafaring skill from other peoples, particularly from the maritime Etruscans, Greeks and Carthaginians.
The eastern Adriatic coast had been connected from prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages with places at the western
coast of the Adriatic Sea, but also with certain areas of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to fishing, exchange of goods and
travel, the Adriatic Sea also experienced shipwrecks, as testified by a number of finds.

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Mljet-Melita; Dalmatia; shipwreck; St.Paul

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