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Krešimir Regan ; Leksikografski zavod "Miroslav Krleža", Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This paper on the Hrvatsko zagorje medieval fortifications (II) is the continuation of the paper under the same title dating from 2007, published as part of a series of articles on the Hrvatsko zagorje forts and fortifications[1]. It contains observations on the fortifications of the Hrvatsko zagorje's southern area that had been built on the northern part of the Krapina river basin, between the river bed bed and the southern slopes of Ivančica (Ivanšćica) during the middle and the first century of the New Era. Although to date no-one has dealt with this matter thematically, some relevant sporadic data can be found in the existing literature on Hrvatsko zagorje. The only exception is the fort at Konjščina that has been researched for a number of years with a successful ending by carrying out conservation work and rennovation of the central tower, followed by including it as part of the tourist program offer of the modern settlement bearing the same name2, and the Ščrbinec manor that was permanently populated by the middle of the XVth century at latest. Therefore, for the first time this paper puts forward data, and does it integrally, on the history and the southern Zagorje's fortifications' preservation level in the area of the nothern Krapina river basin parts, obtained on basis of research on site that has been taking place, with some discontinuations, from 2005 to date.

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medieval fortifications/forts; northern River Krapina basin; Ivanščica; southern parts of Hrvatsko zagorje; middle ages; first century of the New Era

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