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Content and Time Determination of Education for Initial Reading and Writing Course in Croatian Language

Ante Bežen ; Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb
Vesna Budinski ; Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb

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The educational methodical act in the initial reading and writing course is a process comprised of substantial and timely related segments of teaching. The methodical act (Bežen, 2008) shows the correlation between the attendant who learns, the subject that he is learning and its educational purpose, the teacher who organizes learning and leads to act`s purpose, timeline and system of methodical implementation through which the act is achieved. Content, lesson, and learning are realized through language activities (language reception and language production). "Language reception includes understanding of speaking (listening), understanding of written text (reading), and understanding of language, gesture and mime (watching). Language production includes sound formation (speaking), written formation and movement formation (making gestures)" (Jelaska, 2007, p. 34). The methodical act of initial reading and writing in the Republic of Croatia is realized through the time dimension of one school year. In Slovenia, initial reading and writing is realized throughout the first educational cycle that includes two school years.
The research was conducted in June 2012 on a convenience sample of teachers (mentors and advisors) N= 354. The Chi-square test was used to check if there was a difference between the percentage of teachers who think that a suitable time dimension of teaching initial reading and writing is one school year in comparison to those who think that two school years are more suitable. A significant statistical difference in the frequency of teaching pupils in different teaching situations was proven by Friedman`s test. Wilcoxon`s tests have shown in which direction the differences between the pairs of teaching situations are developing. Friedman`s and Wilcoxon`s tests checked differences in the frequency of usage of methodical processes.

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initial reading and writing; methodical act; time frame of teaching

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