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External application of corticosteroids in the initial parodontologic therapy

Milutin Dobrenić ; Zavod za bolesti usta Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
Dragutin Tomić ; Zavod za bolesti usta Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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In recent times corticosteroids have been applied in many fields of medicine and thus also' in stomatology because of their favourable effect. The range of indication is greatly enlarged if corticosteroids are given jointly with agents harmful to micro-organisms. Such drugs have a good effect applied locally in the form of an ointment in treating parod'ont and hyperplastic gingivitis. The particularly effective drug Flumethasonpivalat has been successfully applied in stomatitis, aphthae, ulcerating hemorrhagic gingivitis, atrophic purulent paradentosis and in the follow-up treatment of surgical interventions in the buccal cavity. The authors investigated the effect of Flumenthasonpivalat with Neomycin (Locacorten- N manufactured by Pliva Pharmaceuticals) in connection with inflammatory symptoms in the course of the initial parodontologic therapy. The separation of the edge of the gingiva and the fragility of the gingival capillaries was the subject of special testing. Examinations were carried out in 76 patients of both sexes with the clinical diagnosis of gingivits or parodontics. The patients were in the 18—25 age group. In the course of the initial parodontologic therapy Locacorten-N was applied to the diseases parodentium by means of injections and then covered with surgical gauze. The dressing was renewed in intervals of 24 hours up to a few days. The success of the therappy was established by comparing the clinical findings. In a group of 4 patients with generalized parodontal inflammation of approximately the same intensity Locacorten N respectively placebo v/as separately tested. The success of the therapy was then tested on the basis of the signs of separation of the edge of the gingival sulci and the fragility of the gingival capillaries. An analysis of the results showed a generally favourable effedt on inflammatory symptoms in cases of parodontopathiae. A comparison of the results of Flumenthasonpivalat — Neomycin Cream and Placebo in the treatment of parodontal lesions showed the inflammatory symptoms of the tissue in the jaws treated with this drug to have decreased considerably. Also the number of exudates of the gingival pockets and the fragility of the gum capillaries were less.

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