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Springback of hot stamping and die quenching with ultra-high-strength boron steel

Jun Bao ; Harbin institute of technology
Hongsheng Liu ; Harbin institute of technology
Zhongwen Xing ; Harbin institute of technology
Baoyu Song ; Harbin institute of technology
Yuying Yang ; Harbin institute of technology

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str. 151-156

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Hot bending and die quenching for U-shaped parts with ultra-high-strength boron steel were experimented and simulated to study the effect of die geometric parameters on springback and its mechanism. The results indicate that through hot contact bending and die quenching, bending parts with higher strength than that of cold stamping can be achieved, the tensile strength of which can reach 1500MPa. The springback angle of hot bending part increases by increasing the die radius, by increasing the gap between the punch and the die. Springback is mainly negative caused by/due to different cooling rate and the impact of thermal restoring moments. This provides a basis for the control of the hot stamping process applied in the production of complicated shape parts.

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ultra-high-strength boron steel; hot stamping; die quenching; bending; springback

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